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Giant's Causeway Tours

Visit the Giant's Causeway, a magnificent UNESCO Heritage site in the northern half of Ireland. The Giant's Causeway consists of about 40,000 interlocking polygonal basalt columns. Geologists say the structure is a result of ancient volcanic eruptions, but local legends about battles between giants provide more entertaining and colourful explanations! Travel to Giant's Causeway from Dublin with these tours offered by Local Dublin Tours at guaranteed low prices.

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  • By: Ron Smith

    A wonderful and truly enlightening experience - so thank you Bud (Patrick Morgan). The entire day was entertaining and insightful. I think that I should have got his autograph in appreciation of all the experiences which he told us that he had gone through (between gun shots and bombs). Thank you for an unforgettable day and one which I would happily repeat. Ron Smith

  • My favourite tour!
    By: Samantha Harflett

    Definitely a must do. And, hopefully you get Phil as a tour guide - he was amazing and really made the day/drive memorable. Great stops and sights, the rope bridge and Giants Causeway are spectacular.

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